CBD Vape Pen


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This CBD vape pen is the best choice when it comes to vaping CBD e liquid. Its very simple to use and maintain. The CBD vape pen is made up of one 650mAh battery, 1 CE4 clearomizer and one USB charger (inserted into a computer or a USB plug).

How To Use The CBD Vape Pen

1. Unscrew the black tip at the end of the clearomizer.
2. Squeeze some CBD e liquid into the opened end of the clearomizer making sure you drip it down the side of the glass missing the metal tube in the middle. You should see the CBD e liquid gradually fil up the clearomizer . Make sure you don’t overfill, always leave a space at the top.
3. Screw the clearomizer onto the battery.
4. If the battery is switched off – quickly depress the fire button 5 times in a row (quickly) and this will turn on the battery.
5. The depress the battery fire button as you inhale.
6. To charge the battery, unscrew the clearomizer and screw the battery end onto the charger and insert the other end of the charger into the computer or USB plus – takes around 2 hours to charge.